I re-saw my dreams in The Dark Tower, the movie -spoilers-

Last week we went to see the movie Dark Tower, an adaptation of a Stephen King book.

I want to say I didn’t read the book, but I thought the movie was amazing! The ending was cheesy, but I suppose if something ends well in a movie or in a series, it will translate into a cheesy ending, right?

All I know is that many of King’s books are inspired by his dreams – or this is what I heard. Well, I think his and my dreams are quite similar, because I dreamt some of the elements in this movie. Its really weird, but true.


The common elements were eerie landscapes with several moons or planets up on the sky. I also dreamt being chased by people I didn’t know. I was never sure why, but I knew they wanted to force me to do something I didn’t want to do.

This painting is quite old, as you can see, but I still had dreams with a similar view – more than 1 [occasionally 2] celestial bodies on the sky. And quite large at that too. In the movie just 2 were shown, and they looked more like the moon we sometimes see in the daytime, except some 10 times bigger.

The boy in the movie also learns that if the world comes to an end, darkness and fire will consume it. Maybe something like in my next painting? Sadly, unlike the kid in the movie, I’m not very capable at drawing what I dream. 

Of course, now I want to read the books as well. However we discovered they’re hard to come by and they’re rather pricey. But it’s ok, we’ll find a way to get these books. The reason why I want to read them is that I want to see how much more can I recognize my dreams in there.

Since we watch most of the movies at home, we decided to also snap a couple of more pictures from the theatre. I don’t think it’s anything special, but I should mention it was the last viewing of the evening, and a weekday. Despite these 2 coordinates, there were quite many people there. They just came in after the light turned off and they sat behind us.

We went at a pretty far mall, but that area is inhabited. The empty mall after closing time was eerie. Fitting with the feeling I got from the movie itself.

Since this movie review is not like my previous ones, there won’t be stuff I liked/disliked either. I will rate the movie 4.5 stars out of 5.


March adventures: flowers, art, and recycling!

Because I don’t plan on posting everything I do on a daily basis, I’ll just update you with some highlights… from March. I skipped February because nothing special happened: I was just waiting for the snow to melt, the weather to become nicer, and my mood to improve. Because March just ended, I can talk all about what happened.

I haven’t talked about this yet, but I ordered some stuff from wish.com – I will write a review about this experience later on.  So in March, I received all the stuff – with one exception. Below you can see the items I did receive:

Then, somehow spring came, and we were surrounded by trees in bloom! and not only. I really like early spring flowers, much more than those of later spring and so on. The early spring flowers are so fragile and pretty, almost like life itself. No wonder Japanese people have a cherry blossom viewing festival in April.

                             their scent is sweet but subtle. i love it!



                                                                                  the same type of tree, but not the same tree.

On a nice sunny day, we went to have some ice cream. It was really warm that day – some 22 degrees Celsius! we wore short sleeves even! this is amazing because i can’t recall any March till now to have been so warm! We had Italian ice cream [or gelato] and we selected different aromas. We got coffee, kiwi, something nutty … and i sadly forgot the other 2 flavors. I don’t even have pics of them 😦 the biscuit on top is extra and for free!

Then, at a certain moment my friend suggested we went to some galleries to see some art. said and done. except we only managed to see two of them. And one of these wasn’t even that impressive: it had only 6 or 8 pieces of art displayed. To their defense, it looked as i they were still arranging the place, but who knows – maybe this was on purpose?

Must point out the painting here were unsettling. The starry eyes made me think of the darkness many people try hard to hide. At the same time, I remembered reading somewhere that the human eyes contain something in them that can’t be counted: it’s more numerous than the stars in the universe. Should search again to see what that was.

The second gallery had more stuff to offer, and I even liked and kinda understood the artist’s view on things. This artist’s paintings had titles as well, and would go well in an office, or a house with an industrial, modern, futuristic, or minimalist look. This art would clash badly with classic, heavy furniture.

The second painting is called ‘information overload,’ i don’t have the name of the third painting. The last painting is called ‘anxiety amplifier’ and i can see why. I also don’t know the name of the paintings in the first image. I’m sorry about that.

This second gallery also has a boutique where you can buy various stuff: clothes, jewelry, paintings and wall decors, as well as some accessories for your home and games. Below are some examples of what you can purchase. If you’re ever in Bucharest, you can visit this gallery at the following address: C.A.ROSETTI NR. 2-4 street, sector 1.

                 this crown was heavy! were the kings wearing such heavy crowns?! maybe heavier?

I also got to see some cute art on a wall! you can’t really call it graffiti, or can you? as you can see it is really cute and i saw this on a wall next to a cafe, right before entering the first art gallery.

                                                                       a flower shop front

This month i tried to do some cleaning in my closet. I took some clothes I didn’t wear anymore at H&M and they gave me a 5 lei coupon discount for a future purchase of at least 40 lei – from the new collections. Apparently they reuse these clothes to make other stuff. The items I took there were not wearable anymore, and I didn’t want to just throw it away.

On other news, below you can learn what happens to me when I try to recycle other stuff, like papers, plastics, and what not.

This is all for now. See you again next week!

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