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I own the Shadowscapes Tarot and a Lenormand Deck. I’ll post here links to pages where I collect interpretations for each card. Wish me good luck.

DISCLAIMER:  all the information here first appeared on Aecletic Tarot Forum. it is reproduced partially reproduced for educational purposes.

All the information on the Shadowscapes I collected from here.

These are links to interpretations of each card in the deck. The pictures are cropped images found on the official website, and they belong to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

If you want to learn more about the deck itself, and read some reviews, click here. If you want to buy this deck, please click this link.

The Major Arcana:

The Fool
The Magician I
The High Priestess II
The Empress III
The Emperor IV
The Hierophant V
The Lovers VI
The Chariot VII
Strength VIII
The Hermit IX
The Wheel of Fortune X
Justice XI
The Hanged Man XII
Death XIII
Temperance XIV
The Devil XV
The Tower XVI
The Star XVII
The Moon XVIII
The Sun XIX
Judgment XX
The World XXI

The Minor Arcana:


ace | two | three | four | five

six | seven | eight |nine | ten

page | knight | queen | king


ace | two | three | four | five

six | seven | eight | nine | ten

page | knight | queen | king


ace | two | three | four | five

six | seven | eight | nine | ten

page | knight | queen | king


ace | two | three | four  | five  |


six  | seven | eight | nine | ten

page | knight | queen | king


  • red ribbon
  • Fibonacci /Spiral/ Nautilus
  • animals
  • figures in bubbles

Information on my Lenormand deck: to come.

I hope I won’t go straight to hell because I have a strong interest in this subject. :/ Pray for me?