I have an announcement

I have decided to move my blog to a self hosted solution …. something something.

Right now I’m in the process of learning more about what this means, what will I be able to do and what not, which plans are the best for my blog, and other related stuff.

This means that for now, until the new blog is up, I doubt I will post anything new. 😦  but this is not something set in stone – if inspiration strikes, I will write 😉

I will also look into transferring all the past posts to the new site/blog.

The name of the blog will also change, but it will be somehow related to the current one. I haven’t decided on a name yet, and I have yet to buy a domain. And all that fun jazz].

Once the move is complete, this site will be a static page with a link to the new site.

If you wonder why I decided to move my blog, the answer is super simple: I want to make money out of it. Hosting my blog here, at wordpress.com limits my ways of making money, as far as my current knowledge tells me. But I will look into the possibility of having my domain on WP because, why not? It would save me some hassle, after all 😉

I always wanted to be a writer – not necessarily a book author – but someone who writes and gets paid for it. And while I am a ghost-writer as well, I thought that maybe I’ll be able to work for myself instead of working for others. I want to be my own slave, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day 😀


One thought on “I have an announcement

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