My failed Nail Polish Challenge

I like painting my nails these days. It’s relaxing and fun. I tried challenging myself to see for how long can I keep my manicure. The answer? not too long.

I suspect it may have something to do with using cheap polishes, or not being a professional, or even with the fact that I use my fingers and nails a little too much.

In any case, this entry will have quite a few nail pictures, with little explanations.

FIRST ATTEMPT – remember I’m not a nail professional

day 1: 

day 2: nail polish called Revers MatriXL, shade unknown

day 3: oh, my cat! lol

day 4: still pretty-ish

day 5: oh the horror, the chipping started. Challenge aborted. LOL


day 1: Brand: WJcon cosmetics or something.

day 2: learn more about this deck here and here

day 3: I use this agenda as my bullet journal.

day 4:


day 1:

day 2: oh, I need glasses. I’m short sighted.

This is where I gave up. One of the reasons I gave up was that I forgot to take pictures of my nails.



And if you want to see more pictures, that don’t have nails in them, checkout my instagram account!

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