Barcelona and Bar Crawling is an amazing experience!

Hey guys!

This blog is called “I travel to…” but it seems like I didn’t travel much. Well, true, but at the beginning of June I went to Barcelona, Spain to visit a friend. I stayed there for a week and honestly it wasn’t enough to go see everything I wanted to. But it’s OK because there is always a next time, right?

What is one thing people do when they travel abroad? They usually like to party hard and late into the night. I’m not a party animal, but my friend wanted to meet up with some other friends  and to have some fun. I wasn’t going to sit home alone, so I joined them – the more, the merrier, right?

 pub crawl Barcelona

Friends at pub crawl Barcelona

The big question was “what to do to get a good taste of Barcelona, have fun, and to last for as long as possible in the evening?” Pub crawling seemed like a nice experience for all of us, especially since not everyone did this before. Yes you read that right, and I was one of them, but it’s understood if I’m not a party animal.

I was all excited to try something this “wild.” My friend suggested we contacted a pub crawl service for the night. The first thing you need to know is that if you want to pub crawl, Barcelona should be high on the list of places to go to.

 pub crawl Barcelona

pub crawl Barcelona

The service we got, had us meeting at 9pm at one of the bars we were to go to. You need to know that bar crawling is for people over the age of 18 only. If you look too young for your age you will need to bring your ID with you to prove you’re old enough for admission. It might be better to bring it anyways, but that’s just my opinion. Oh, and another thing: we learned we had to book our tour ahead of time, but we got lucky because another group cancelled with a short notice so we just replaced them.

There is admission fee, but it’s really cheap. The beers were also cheap and really good and they came in a huge selection. Sadly my memory is really bad, so I can’t tell you where we met or which places we went to. I do believe that not all the tours have the same stops, but I wouldn’t be sure about it. Oh, girls: avoid wearing heels for this adventure!

I may sound like I want to sell you some service, but I had a really good time and I usually write more passionately about the stuff I really enjoyed. I’m sure you’re the same. What else can I say about pub crawl? Barcelona is definitely a good place to start this popular nightlife style.

This is all for now. See you next time~~~


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