Welcome to the new site dedicated to reviews!

This site is a sister or spin-off site for Obscure Journey if you will.

This is Charly Cross posting, your host.

Can I just skip explaining why I split my site in two … again…? (in July 2019)

It’s not like it really matters. I don’t really think people actually care about stuff like this.

Anyways, I need to experiment a little with different stuff… Can’t find the right word right now.

Since many of the reviews appeared on my other blog/site, and I moved them here, along their pictures. These pictures have the © for ObscureJourney site, but since i made all of them, I won’t edit them. The only pictures I don’t own or didn’t make, are the ones I used for the movie or shows reviews. 

Anyways, feel free to browse around, and tell me what you think.